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Query Users RDP sessions in a domain

26 november, 2012 at 1:31 PM

How to create a report of currently logged on RDP users to alll server's in a domain.

A techsupport employee had changed his password and complained about that his passsword was locked in Active Directory. After we unlocked the password, in minutes it was locked again.

I tought it had someting to do with old session, that are still connecting with the old password.

We deleted the manual created mappings, but that wasn't.
Now i wanted to know if the user was logged on to any servers that he wasn't aware of.

I created two scripts.

Script 1 (session.cmd)

set logserver="K:\tools\query-user-rdp-session\log\server.log"
set logsession= "K:\tools\query-user-rdp-session\log\session.log"

@echo on
echo Tip "logoff sessionid /server:" (example:logoff 20 /server:dc01) to logoff a user remotely> %logsession%
DsQuery Server -domain yourdomainname.local -o rdn > %logserver%
DSQUERY COMPUTER OU=srv,OU=Organisationname,DC=domain,DC=local -o rdn >> %logserver%
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=*" %%G IN (%logserver%) DO call sessionvar.cmd %%G >> %logsession%
notepad %logsession%

Script 1 (session.cmd)

query user /server:"%1"

Now i run session.cmd
The script created an output in notepad and i can search the users loginname with the find option in notepad.
I saw the user was still logged in on dc01 and had a sessionid of 20

To disconnect the user of te remote server is used the command:

logoff 20 /server:dc01

The user was connected to a whole bunch of servers, we disconnected all the sessions and the problem was solved.

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